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Feminist Artist Statement

            My work is about women in the arts, sports, business, and politics. I use gel pens and inks to create their portraits on handmade Japanese papers and fine art boards. I delineate fine art line work using curving swirls that swim and connect together to create a larger image of the person.

            I decided to render women achievers and women who stand out to praise their dignity and purpose. Sometimes the struggle involved with the pursuit of artistic careers or any career is three times or more, more difficult for women than it is for men. A woman can work a hundred times longer, with a thousand times more ability, knowledge, expertise, or passion and attention to detail, yet most of society will reward a man faster based on less effort and less skill, because of gender discrimination. Society is likely to ignore his wrongdoings while condemning and criticizing a woman’s slights, if any.  The women I artistically delineate are some of the strong courageous women who have tread the happy road of destiny, even though great walls of resistance faced them.  

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