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I developed a style called spontaneous surrealism using line drawing. I use various media, such as pen and ink, ink and brush, brush pens, gel pens, and washes. 


In my creative process for "Mermaid at Sea" I did not use any reference imagery and relied completely on my imagination. I developed the image moment by moment and did not preplan the direction of the sea waves, the inner water imagery nor the way the mermaid would swim. The life beings appeared one by one almost in an unconscious manner; my hand was moving on the Bristol yet I did not envision the forms.  I relied on my arm movements and inner feelings to develop this image. In the ocean/sky imagery there are juxtapositions of flowers, fish, and stars. The texture of the sky contains wave-like shapes almost as the ocean does.  A bird of freedom flies right along side the mermaid swimming or jumping from what appears to be a waterfall suggesting that all of life's varied beings exist and move together.   

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